Your home built how you want it

Park home in Spain

Alhambra park homes in Alicante are working alongside Costa Difference, who are the park agents for Park La Posada near Malaga on the Costa del Sol in Spain. As a result of their collaboration, they have designed and built three superb traditional park home models: the Windsor, the Sandringham, and The Solero. Three models perfect for residential parks in Spain, and you can customise all three models.

The concept of designing your own park home began in 2008 but became a reality once Alhambra Homes and Costa Difference joined forces. To understand the concept of custom-built park homes from start to finish fully, why not watch the video below narrated by Paul Toole.

Paul explains the whole build process from the initial design stage to a complete home delivered to the park. Your home built exactly as you want it. We suggest you turn the volume up when playing the video below

Having watched the video, you now have some idea what custom-built park homes in Spain are all about. They are a million miles away from being a mobile home (or static caravan as they are also known as) which is the only alternative. 

In Park La Posada, a residential park, you will see quite a few custom-built park homes now within the park. This is because the park is perfect for them in every way. A quality residential park will always have a long term future with a good selection of park homes to offer as the mobile homes that have been installed since 2005 get older. We can also design and supply park homes to go to other parks or your own land.  

Why not look at the models we have designed for residential parks with licences for homes 13m x 4m. The beauty of choosing a design in place already means you can customise and make the model your own with ease. Customising every home built is the reason why no two Windsor models are exactly the same. 

Our models range from the 11-metre long Solero model to the 13 metres long Ascot and the 2021 Windsor.

The Solero park home is special. It feels like a much bigger park home inside. This is all down to the “SUITE EFECT ™” en-suite door system into the family bathroom. It is a two-bedroom home that uses every inch of space.

The Sandringham park home is a metre longer. This brings in the opportunity to add a second bathroom. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms make this model special.  The 2021 range has a new model coming, The Sandringham Brevis. The Brevis version has a bigger lounge making it the best park home every for the size.

The Windsor park home is even longer at 12.5 mtrs. It also comes with two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. It is the front of the home and extended lounge that makes this model special. Our number one selling model has three new versions: the Deluxe, Largo, and the 2021 Elite. Each model is slightly different in design.

The Ascot is the 13 mtr version of this home with a square front. In 2020 we added a new 13 mtr version of the Windsor as well called the Windsor Largo.

Why park homes?

When you enter a Windsor, Sandringham, or Solero, you will immediately understand what makes them so different from mobile homes. There are no joins in any of the walls. The factory builds the homes as solid structures: real wooden doors, normal double glazing, and real ceramic tiles.

The other differences are wood effect hard-wearing composite flooring that does not squeak when you walk over it. The dog will not scratch it either. The windows have practical dusk/dawn blinds fitted which are much nicer looking than fly screens. 

The quality touches do not end there. In the lounge and master bedroom, we suggest remote control ceiling fans and all our show models have those installed.

Custom any home.

Because every park home built-in Spain is custom-built, it means you can alter the model in any way you want. You are only restricted to the size and floor plan.

The Windsor model is now the most customised park home in Spain. No two Windsor models are the same. Starting with a show home model specifications, you can add and take away whatever you want.

The 2010 show home version of the Windsor is very different. The lounge no longer has a fireplace as standard, which allows for more furniture settings thanks to the extra wall space.

The kitchen is also very different with new light grey marble effect worktops with white and grey kitchen units. The video below will show you what it is like inside.

Play the video below to enjoy a virtual tour inside the Windsor Elite with the new kitchen design incorporating a  quarter partition wall between the lounge and the kitchen. You can also keep right up to date with the latest park home in Spain news,