Side PODs for the Alhambra residential park homes are a perfect addition. They are built to exactly the same standard as the home itself. Fully insulated on a solid-state chassis. They turn a quality park home into a PARK home that looks nothing like the UK manufactured mobile home.

Side PODs arrive with the park home

The POD and home arrive in the park together. The roof of the POD matches the roof of the home perfectly. Like the home itself, you can customise the POD. Door each end perhaps? How many windows? Where the power points go? The POD becomes a room as soon as it is in place.

You choose how to use your side POD

When we say you can customise the POD we really do mean it. This POD was designed by the owners to be a two-room POD with a joining door. Everything about this POD was exactly what the owners wanted.

How you intend to use the room/rooms the POD creates determines where things like power points should be. Current owners use theirs as dining rooms, extra lounge, office, pets room, or even a craft room.

Side pods are installed to match the home
This is what the home and POD look like during the installation phase. The POD is lined up to match the home perfectly. Once the roof capping and guttering are added all round you would not see that they are indeed two units.

You can only do this with custom-built Alhambra park homes. Your home on the park as a result will be unique and very special. Unlike mobile home models every park home model is different in some way.

POD prices with sizes are as follows: We quote any extra requirements.

3 mtr x 4 mtr POD €9980 to include 3 fixed double glazed windows and door.

3 mtr x 5 mtr POD €11025 to include 3 fixed double glazed windows and door.

3 mtr x 6 mtr POD €12915 to include 4 fixed double glazed windows and door.

When buying a park home and POD combined you will have a residential park home that are traditional in the UK. The bonus will be better weather, a lower cost of living and a healthier lifestyle.